Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Program Information: Mosaic Window To Your Community, Summer 2010

Thanks to a collaboration between ArtWorks for Milwaukee, Inc. and The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, we are thrilled to offer the following Summer 2010 program:

Mosaic Window To Your Community
Lead Artist: Nicole Lesser

How much do you know about the community in which you live? How would you describe the story of your community? This summer, our program team will learn about and utilize colorful “glass on glass” mosaic techniques to tell the story of each Apprentice’s community. Each Apprentice will be given a glass window frame to use as his/her canvas, and will work in stages to create a one-of-a-kind “window to your community.” We will work as a team to inspire one another and learn from one another, but each Apprentice will be responsible for the creation of his/her own window.

Introducing the Apprentice Team:
* Shade B. ~ Milwaukee African-American Immersion H.S.
* Selena D. ~ Milwaukee High School of the Arts.
* Helen G. ~ Washington H.S.
* Niesha H. ~ Wauwatosa West H.S.
* Ken J. ~ Messmer H.S.
* Alex M. ~ Wisconsin Lutheran H.S.
* Brandon P. ~ Milwaukee African-American Immersion H.S.
* Eric S. ~ Wauwatosa East H.S.

The team will begin blogging about their experience and team progress on a weekly basis beginning Monday, June 28th!

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  1. I can't wait to see the final mosaic pieces and the depiction of all of the communities the apprentices represent! This is going to be a great program with the talented group of apprentices we have. Have fun!

    -Vanessa LaCoste
    President Elect, ArtWorks for Milwaukee